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  • Hands-Free Operation: Often called a handy "milk machine," the Lifelong handsfree breast pump gives feeding mothers the ability to multitask while easily expressing 180 ml breast milk at a time.
  • 3 Modes & 10 Intensity Levels: This automatic breast pump features three modes – Mode 1 - Massage, Mode 2 – Massage + Extract & Mode 3 - Extract and 10 intensity levels – 0 to 9, offering a personalized and comfortable pumping experience for feeding mothers.
  • Low-Noise Function: This breast pump, designed for feeding mothers, ensures a peaceful pumping experience with its low-noise operation.
  • Safety & Convenience: The BPA-free (non-toxic) food grade silicone pumping machine is skin and kid safe and has a detachable motor making it easy to store after use.
  • Product Components: The contents in the box of the breast pump and accessories includes pump motor, milk collector cup, connector, dust cap, diaphragm, silicone stoppers, silicone valve, USB charging cable, bra adjustment strap, instruction manual and warranty card.


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FAQs:C- Baby Product Name – Baby Breast pump SKU ID – LLBBP01 FAQs (Lifelong Internal Document)

 1- The Suction is low/ low suction in breast pump. To maintain peak performance and prevent air leaks in a breast pump, ensure the white valve is intact and correctly placed. Check the silicone diaphragm for damage and press it securely. These steps are vital for sustaining suction power and eƯicient milk expression. 

2- The breast pump is not starting. Please long press the power button to turn on/oƯ the device. Please charge it for 2 hours before the first use.

 3- How can I get spare part of the device. You can get the spare part on chargeable basis by Contacting to our customer care ID - - ------------------------& Mobile No. - --------------.

 4. Can I sterilize the component of the breast pump. Except the motor/machinery part you can sterilize the remaining components. 

5. Milk is not extracting from the device. There are 3 modes in this machine, 1- massage 2- extraction mode 3- Extraction followed by massage. Please make sure that the selected mode is extraction mode. If issue is persisting, pls stop extracting milk and try it after some time. 

6. The breast pump flange is compatible with what nipple size? Nipple Size Flange size 17-19 mm 21 mm 20-24 mm 24 mm 25-28 mm 28 mm 

7. What is the advisable position at the time of milk extraction? Sitting or standing positions.

 8. is this machine is BPA free. Yes, it is BPA free device.