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  • Safety: The highest quality TPE (plastic and rubber) used to make the Lifelong baby bath tub safe and kid-friendly.
  • Anti-Skid Surface: This newborn baby essential’s anti-skid surface prevents the infant from falling in or drowning.
  • Age Group 0-3 Years: A newborn can enjoy a bath just as much as a three-year-old thanks to the baby bath tub.
  • Foldable & Easy to Store: The new born baby product's greatest feature is that it folds up nicely to be kept beneath or inside a shelf, along a wall, or hung from a hook.
  • Thermometer: Parents can easily monitor and adjust the water's temperature thanks to the rubber and plastic tub's built-in thermometer.
  • Padded Cushion Support: There is a soft cushion to support the bathtub for baby. The baby is kept cozy, comfortable, and safe from drowning thanks to the cushion.
  • Convenience: The bath tub in pink and green is useful since it has legs to support it and a hole that pleasantly lets water flow through.
  • Portable: The baby bathing tub is easy to use and transport anywhere in the house or bathroom because to its lightweight. It can also be your travel companion.


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 1.What is the bathtub made of? Our bathtubs are made of raw materials PP+TPE material. Safe and non-toxic.

 2.Do you have the test report? Yes, we have the EN71 report for this bathtub.

 3.Does this fold easily? Yes, only two steps. Step1: Press it from the bottom. Step2: Fold the support feet. 

4.Can I hang this bathtub on the wall? Yes, we can hang it on the wall. Only 10CM height after folding. 

5.How many times can this bathtub folded? 20,000 times folds is no problem. 

6. My Digital thermometer is not working after installation of product. Pls remove plastic film behind the digital thermometer before first use. 

7. How can I get spare part of the product. You can get the spare part (Digital Thermometer) on chargeable basis by Contacting to our customer care ID - -------------------------& Mobile No. - --------------.