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  • Its waterproof design makes brushing fun and safe. Lifelong toothbrush has easy on and off buttons to ensure comfort brushing.
  • Lifelong toothbrush comes with a super slim and light design, that makes it easier for someone with dexterity issues to hold and use.
  • Ergonomic design: waterproof non-slip, feel comfortable, safe, and reliable
  • USB fast-charge design, Unplug the waterproof plug at the bottom of the toothbrush. Plug the DC plug of the charging cable into the charging port at the bottom of the toot­ brush before inserting It, and then insert the USB plug into the computer or the USB plug on the 5V.
  • 2 brush heads & 2 Massage heads: standard with two soft brush heads and two facial massage heads, which can be replaced anytime, anywhere.
  • Warranty Support: Lifelong offers a 1 Year Guarantee on this product and will replace the product if any defects.


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1.   How do we know when to charge the product?It will stop working.
2.   Which of the 6 modes should the average person select?based on brushing style.
3.   How to start the brush, furthermore there's no indicator that the brush is fully charged .There is button right at the center to turn on the brush and all the 5 mode lights will glow intermittently while charging and all the mode lights will glow steadily once fully charged.
4.   How many days one brush head can be used?brush head to be replaced every 3 to 4 months 
5.   How many strokes does this toothbrush perform in minute.40000
6.   Can we use it for 10-year-oldsThe product is not recommended for 10-year-old. We have a whole other range for kids.