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  • Featuring a unique design, the vibez Sass earphones are a show stopper
  • The Vibez Sass necklace earphone offers the option of dual pairing as well so that you can keep it connected to two devices simultaneously.
  • These earphones seamlessly become a part of your life with their high sensitivity frequency range and their great bass quality.
  • Its comfortable design keeps you grooving throughout the day.
  • 1 year warranty from the date of purchase


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QuestionsVBNE01Vibez Sass)
Do these have a mic built in?Yes
Dont have FM radio?No
Can these be connected to a laptop?Yes
Bluetooth Connectivity Version5.1
Battery Backup10 hrs
Charge Time60 mins
Charging PortUSB
Can I play songs to the speaker and the earplugs at the same time?NA
How many battery mAh is this?120 mAh
How many voice changing modes are there?NA
Noise Cancellation Available?Yes
Weight of the product?22.5g
Will it have 3 cables or only one Yes, 3 ear tips available
Is it wireless?Yes
Does it have surround audio?Yes
Warranty1 year
Driver10mm dynamic