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About this item: 

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Controlled by Lifelong Smart Home App, available on both Android and iOS.
  • No need Gateway. All switch has build in WIFI module, remote controller local control and app local control and remote control via 3G/4G network and WIFI internet., Unique voice control function let you control the switch by Amazon alexa and Google Assistant by your voice.
  • Control each gang separately via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Real time Sync of device Status provided to App


Manual: Attachment

FAQ: Smart Switch (LLSSW01)
Question: Does lifelong provide installation of the smart switch?
 Answer: No, We advise you to get it done by professional electrician however all the installation process is provided in the manual.


Question:Is there any warranty for this product?

Answer:One year on manufacturing defect


Question:Which Roma plate does it fit in? Classic, Urban or terasa?

Answer:It will be fit in all standard switch boxes. We advise it is better to ask professional electrician


Question:Will it work without internet?

Answer:Yes, will work if you operate switch board directly. However to operate remotely you need internet and App.


Question:Can i control switch via Bluetooth on my phone without internet connection?

Answer:No, Bluetooth is not supported.


Question:Can we manually turn on and off?

Answer:Yes, it can be turn on/off manually by using touch buttons present on panel.


Question:what does three gang mean here? Should i assume three buttons per board. If i buy 1, can i connect three appliances per board?

Answer:Yes, 3 Gang means 3 buttons on your Smart Switch.


Question: Does it have state memory, means after power failure does it remain in previous state ?

Answer:Yes, Our all devices have last state memory feature


Question:If I don't have broadband but I have internet access on my mobile so I am able to use this wirelessly ?

Answer:Yes you can use by using hotspot(2.4GHz) form your mobile internet data

Question:does it support 2 way switches

Answer:Yes it is possible in App configuration.


Question:Can you connect multiple led light bulbs? how many?

Answer:Yes, you can. Please refer specification in user manual for Load rating.


Question:Can we use this switch on inverter or not?

Answer:Definitely you can


Question:Can I control these switches remotely?



Question:does it work with air conditioner

Answer:No, it is not meant for Heavy duty appliances.