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About this item:

  • Maximum Pressure: 135 Bar/13 MPw. Universal Motor
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 6.5 litre/Min. Long Life Aluminium Pump- automatically shuts off the pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life
  • Pressure Pipe Length is 3m,  Power Cord 5m and Inlet water pipe length is 2m.
  • Power: 1700 watts. Spray with Adjustable Nozzle. AC 220V - AC 240V 50/60 Mz
  • Common reasons for low pressure : 1. Check if there is dust in Nozzle hole & Filter(Dust in the nozzle hole can be cleaned by removing the nozzle from the gun and use the pin provided with warranty card to remove dust and also make sure the nozzle is washed before attaching to the gun) 2. Check if the transparent inlet filter is connected upside down. 3. Check if there is enough speed in tap water .



Manual: Attachment



Is the product serviceable  ?
NoHighly complicated product

If no, then what is the policy for service ?     Replacement Y/NYes
Replacement policy
If the item is under replacement warranty     then what is the % of units allocted for replacement?

1000 units are coming in the consignment. We can reserve 5% of the stock for replacement within warranty period - 1 year
If not capable  then can the present network be created & at what time frame?

30 days

If serviceable, is the present network capable ?
If capable , Training to all service providers before commercial release Yes
Plug & Play product. All relevant information available on manual & DP. Refer to the exploded BOM
If capable, any specific tools required for servicing this product ?
If Yes, Category to provide arrange for the this special tool  & supply to the internal network.
NoNot required
Until then what is the service policy

Not required
Service Videos/Installation Videos

Set-up/usage Video link updated on DP

Spare Parts

Is the overall anticipated FCR as per the supplier

Break up the same (top 5 or 10 component wise)

Is there  back to back warranty for high value items
If there is an epidemic failure what is the arrangement with the supplier

Is the service BOM list available Yes
Has the CS team provided the critical spare list 
NoCan share the list if current network can service this
If so are orders placed for the top 5/10 spares for the order volume
NoWe can place order for spares part separately
Is any specific units er marked for cannibalization
What is the policy if  non functional part is broken and if we don’t have stock

Product replacement
Reference sample requirement

Can send the sample to Edwin
Product FAQYes
Attached. More FAQs can gradually be taken up
What is CC?

 In this product doesn't have storage so it will not have Cubic Capacity (CC) 

EOL Policy

If the unit is EOL or stock not available then what is the policy in case the unit sis to be replaced
If spares are not available and it is in warranty then what is the policy 
If the unit is out of warranty period , then what is the policy if the unit fails and parts are not available ?

Transit Damage 

If the unit is damaged in transit  while reaching the customer place, then what is the policy ?

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