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About this item:

  • 1 year brand warranty from date of purchase. Full refund of money or replacement with brand new product in case of any manufacturing defect
  • IPX7 waterproof hardened mineral surface rollers, precision engineered for the most efficient pedicure in the comfort of your home
  • Changeable 3 roller heads that spin 360 degrees for quick results on thick, calloused skin
  • Battery operated, which can be used cordless for 45 minutes on full charge. The product should not be used when it is getting charged
  • Charging time of 2 hours; Also comes with a quick charge feature which charges the product in 30 minutes giving 15 minutes of usage
  • Comes with LED light to illuminate difficult angles, also acts as power indicator. Power Requirement 5 V and 60 Hz
  • Effectively removes hard skin, cracked heels, rough skin and dry dead skin
  • Ergonomically shaped soft touch handle for an effortless, perfect pedicure
  • For any issues and concerns please contact_us on/via: 9711558877 or email at customercare@lifelongindia.com (available Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM except national holidays



Manual: Attachment


Question:Do we get the coarse rollers separately after the new roller is worn out ?? Kindly answer immediately as I need to order as soon as possible???

Answer:No, we don't get new rollers separately

Smiley · 14 May, 2019

Question:I want extra heads of this machine where can I get it ?

Answer:Im so sorry i have no idea please contact the seller on this issue

Question:I wanted to ask if the mineral surface rollers become old or dosen't work will you sell an extra paire of the rollers? So, that I can buy?

Answer:Yes u get in amazon

Question:Is it made in china product???

Answer:Origin of country CHINA

Question:How to use

Answer:There are instructions on the box to use and how to charge as well.

Question:The plastic covers on the rollers not coming out. What’s the easiest way to remove it?

Answer:Use a pin or forceps or nose player to remove it.

Question:What about the replacement policy??? How many days from the date of purchase????

Answer:1 year

Question:Can this be used for cracked feet?

Answer:Yes it’s good for cracked feet.

Question:my product is not working,how to contact the seller

Answer:Call Amazon

Question:Can this be used on both men and women feet?

Answer:Yes ofcourse :)

Question:Grinding roll required

Answer:There is grinding roller in the pack its colour is black and its awesome

Question:Can we buy the rollers

Answer:Yes it is a nice product and very ease to use. The only question is if The seller sells extra heads.

Question:What is the power rating? Can it be used in US?

Answer:Check on Details on the product description

Question:Can we easily get refill roller heads?

Answer:Yes it's to easy to change. Go for it

Question:Replacement head is availble?How i can purchase for future use?Please reply...

Answer:I have asked the same question in customer care they said they will send us free if you say you want replace

Question:Variable speed option

Answer:Two speed options are give which are quite good.

Question:Is it chinese

Answer:Yes.. It's a China product

Question:Can we buy the rollers

Answer:It's not as expected

Question:Is it possible to repair this device

Answer:This is a fraud company and my device got useless in just 10 days and it claims 1-year warranty. Raised the same question but no answer till today and my goes on the drain.

Question:How to extend 6 month warrenty ..today i recived the product including 6 month extend warenty card...so plz tellme the procedurehow to do this.

Answer:You can go to website ( address in guarantee card) and get additional extension of 6 months for free.

Question:Hey I bought it 2 weeks ago it’s not working now is there any chance of replacement

Answer:Yes you call Amazon customer care or contact the seller

Question:I have bought this product what are these three rollers and how to use these there seems to be film on the roller do we have to remove this

Answer:You have to remove the film

Question:It's Painless dead skin remover? Replacement head is available on Amazon?

Answer:Of course painless... replacement head is available

Question:Please share a link to buy Rollers

Answer:There is no extra heads available to buy separately...

Question:It's Painless dead skin remover?

Answer:Should be gently used. Gently glide the Remover on the callus to remove it. But if pressed hard on the skin and also for long duration it may affect the skin. Safety instructions are given in the Operation Manual coming with the product. Read it thoroughly before using.

Question:We can order in Australia northern territory Darwin

Answer:It’s chargeable

Question:My device stopped working and it is still under warranty can i get a replacement??

Answer:You can contact on email address in guarantee card.

Question:Should I charge it everyday?

Answer:It depends on your usage. If used continuously for more than 1 hrs, it requires charging

Question:Where can i buy extra charger? I lost original charger....

Answer:Any local mobile phone store will be able to help you with any power adapter... any samsung charger can also work just see the pin..

Question:Is this rechargable

Answer:Yes the product is rechargeable. Thanks, Lifelong Online

Question:If we found any problem is the item is returable

Answer:Customer service is provided if there are any defects with the product

Question:How do we purchase extra/replacement roller heads? Don't seem to find any listing in Amazon.

Answer:It doesn’t work so don’t waste money

Question:Is it rechargeable

Answer:Yes.. it's rechargeable.

Question:How much time it takes to get fully charged?

Answer:2 hours

Question:Can we buy refills ?

Answer:Pls. contact customer care.

Question:How to buy spare rollers?

Answer:In amazon u can order the rollers

Question:Where can we find replacement heads? Is this product returnable?

Answer:No idea about replacement heads 10 days returnable policy after u buy

Question:Is it electric device?

Answer:Yes it is

Question:is it to be used exclusively by one person or others can also use it after cleaning ??

Answer:It can be used by other person also but header quality is not very good

Question:Its returable or not

Answer:Its 10 days returnable

Question:How to buy spare rollers?

Answer:I contact customer care. But it is not possible to buy spare roller.

Question:How to get new rollers if possible how to order because i want to buy this.

Answer:I just buy it from Amazon. I will try to contact seller if possible for rollers in future

Question:Plastic cover on the rollers.is it there? I could not gind out

Answer:U can take it out with sharp nails and patience. Plastic cover is there in all the rollers .

Question:I ordered,not liked,returned,asked refund but u replaced same item,l cancelled it,please refund my amount to my amazon pay balance,thanku


Question:Will it remove corns in between toes?

Answer:The head is big so it may not go between toes but still it will work under toes and other areas as well

Question:I bought it 3months ago but now its not working properly.where shoould i contact for replacement or maintenance?

Answer:Contact Lifelong Customer Care,they will surely help

Question:How to get the extra usb cable??

Answer:USB is only shown. For charging, there is plug charger.

Question:Hi... sir..if i want extra rollers will i find it in lifelong dealer shop...?


Question:My life long callus remover is not charging

Answer:This product Lifelong soft skin callus remover is working GOOD I think this is best for me in comparison of others

Question:Does it removes corns under the toes?


Question:Plz send me that url to buy a new roller heads have tried to search to buy a roller but i dint get that roller in amazon, so that plz send me URL

Answer:You cannot

Question:Variable speed option

Answer:There are two speeds available in this product.

Question:From where we get extra rollers. What's the life of a roller?

Answer:Extra rollers are there in the pack itself mam life of a roller i dont know yet because its only 3 times i have used it so i dont know about that

Question:how and where to get warranty replacement. the item was purchased on 9th June 2019.

Answer:Not sure about the warranty replacement.. But u can extend your your warranty by 6 months.. There are few steps that needs to be followed... If u have your warranty card pls refer to it...

U should write a product review take a screenshot and send to a particular what's app number or register it in a website.. T… see more

Question:Dimensions of the roller heads please?

Answer:4-5cm but it’s works like a magic

Question:can we use the machine with wire connected to current directly

Answer:Don’t know have to check

Question:Tell me where to claim your warranty???? my device does not work and its not even 1 month. Now who to claim this???

Answer:The seller or retailers. I have not tried before.

Question:Can we use reachrable or alkaline batteries then wht soze

Answer:No it needs to be recharged using provided adapter.

Question:How many batteries are inside unit

Answer:It’s chargeable

Question:I do not have a light indicating battery charge for product. Did I get a defective model?

Answer:perhaps its a different model...my product has one

Question:Where i can the extra rollers?

Answer:There are no extra rollers provided nor we can purchase them separately, we should buy a new product with rollers again

Question:Does roller stone come covered with plastic layer which needs to be removed?

Answer:The plastic has to be removed before use.

Question:How to change the roller pl

Answer:There are two buttons at the side. Press them and remove the roller. Like this you can change roller pl

Question:Is there availability of replacement rollers?

Answer:Yes u get total 3 rollers in this order

Question:How do I purchase replacement rollers?

Answer:You have to ask the seller because i have no idea i just used for 3 times

Question:Do I need to remove the plastic film on the roller? It’s not coming off!

Answer:Yes before using please remove the plastic film. You will see the dotted line to remove or if not just remove it and use.

Question:Where i can find the extra replacement heads???


Question:Spare rollers available?

Answer:Yes 2 inside the pack

Question:It is used in wet or dry feet

Answer:Both I guess haven’t tried yet

Question:Do I need to remove the plastic from the rolling stone?

Answer:Yes for sure

Question:How to clean the buffers?

Answer:Remove it and gently use the brush

Question:I lost my charging cable can I get it

Answer:It should be no problem.. U can get a new one.. Just show the sales person your device.. They can give you new one

Question:Is it useful in foot pain plantar fascia?

Answer:Very useful

Question:How to change the roller

Answer:I don't understand your question....replacement rollers are available online in Amazon... or if you are asking about how to the change the roller with another variant of roller then just press the buttons on either side ... roller comes off. you replace it with another roller...there is instruction manual... read it fu… see more

Question:Hello sir...can any kind of rollers also fit into this machine apart from the rollers already provided...?

Answer:Same rollers would have to be used.

Question:Some people have complained of battery bursting and fire incidents. Whether the company sends a replacement in such case?

Answer:No idea

Question:How to claim warranty for damaged product ? What is battery life after charging ?

Answer:Nice product battery is long time

Question:I lost its charger. From where can i buy a separate charger

Answer:Charger? you can go for your android phone charger

Question:How to claim warranty, the battery doesn't hold charge for even 2 min?

Answer:You please contact the seller

Question:How to claim warranty as mine has stopped working with in 4 months

Answer:Contact Lifelong Customer Care

Question:I bought it in april 2019 and now it has stopped working. Does warranty of 1 year cover this? How can I get it exchanged or repaired?

Answer:Contact amazon customer care

Question:Can I get to talk to someone who can guide about the usage of the product


Question:How much noise does it make??

Answer:Too much