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  • Multi-Purpose: A multipurpose baby bottle warmer with digital touch panel is the best option for hassle-free feeding with set presets – warmer (set at 40°C), yoghurt (keep warm at 42°C), thaw (defrost), sterilizer and stew (keep constantly warm) and customizable temperature control option. The bottle warmer is also suitable for warming baby food in addition to milk. Feeding bottle is for representation purpose only and doesn't come with the product.
  • Preset Functions: With our Baby Bottle Warmer, you can make sure that your child's milk is at the ideal temperature. With preset features like Sterilizer, Yogurt, Warmer, and TempControl, as well as ACT technology, a timer, and adjustable temperature, this device is the perfect partner for warming breast milk bottles. With this baby sterilizer for feeding bottles, you can protect your child by maintaining perfect hygiene of your baby items.
  • ACT 24H - Scheduled Appointment: You can plan times to warm your baby's milk, thanks to the hassle-free experience our Baby Bottle Warmer with ACT 24H provides. Because of this function, our bottle warmer provides warmth when needed for your child's comfort.
  • 5 Min Quick Warm: Savor the ease of our 5-minute quick-warm feature, which offers quick and effective warming of your child's feeding bottle. The ideal answer for parents looking for a dependable and quick milk warmer. Additionally, you can set the time according to your convenience and need, making it hassle-free for the parents.
  • Fits Food Jar & All Sizes of Pouches & Bottles: With our portable milk warmer, you can enjoy the convenience of hassle-free warming of your child's milk anytime, anywhere. It is made to suit all pouches and 4 feeding bottles. You can also heat baby food in the baby bottle warmer with ease.


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FAQs:Category - Baby Product Name – Baby Bottle warmer cum steriliser – 4 bottles SKU ID – LLCBW01 

1.ACT BUTTON feature? – This button controls the schedule time to auto on the product on a specific time interval, Example - let’s suppose if you want your baby’s bottle will be ready for use by 11AM, so here you need to use ACT for the selected mode by 7AM for 4 hours, 9AM for 2 hours and like this. This ACT can support up to 24 hours. 

2. How to use quick 5-minute warmer? – You can set the temperature to higher degrees to get the quick heat of warmer temperatures. Example – as per the problem statement, if you need 5 -minute warmer or quick warm support, after turning on the machine you have to select the warm mode (by pressing SET), there is preset temperature of 40 degree Celsius for warmer function, then press “+” sign on touch panel, you can increase the temperature to high temperature and get it done quickly. 

3. How to clean the heating plate? – There's no specific instruction to clean the heating plate. Once the water is emptied it just needs to be wiped with the dry cotton cloth, but make sure machine should not connected to any power source and this should be done by under the supervision of someone who is familiar with the safe operation of product.

 4. What is Use of SET button –? This button is used to change the mode of operation. Example – if someone want to use sterilizer feature after using warmer, he/she needs to press the button until it will show sterilizer on the display.