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  • Easy to Use 2000 Watt Induction Cooktop
  • Lifelong Induction comes loaded with seven pre-programmed Indian menu function custom made to suit our taste buds
  • Not suitable for cookware with curved, uneven or rounded bottoms or made from ceramics, glass, copper, bronze and aluminium. Only use flat bottomed cookware made of iron or steel
  • Lifelong Induction Comes with resettable thermostat cut-off to protect against overheating
  • The pan sensor technology saves you power and electricity, thus making it energy efficient. "Auto Standby" in case no pan is kept


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1- How does Induction Cooker works? 

An induction cooker excites the iron atoms in a cooking pan to generate heat. 

It only heats the cooking pan, not dish towels, your hands, plastic pots, aluminium pots. 

Hence, it is a little safer. 

2- Do I need special cookware to cook with Induction Cooker? 

Flat-bottom and made of ferrous materials Cooking Pan (Iron and some steel) are all 

induction compatible. When you are buying new cookware, be sure to look for induction 

compatible symbol on the Bottom of the Cookware. 

3- How long does it take to boil water on an Induction Cooker? 

Induction Cooker heats up more quickly than gas or coil heater. Although Induction 

Cooker vary, you’ll probably find that it takes half the time to bring water to the boiling 


4- How can I tell if an Induction Cookeris hot? 

Induction cooker generates the heat between pan and induction coil. When Cooking pan is 

moved from induction cooker, the heat generation stops. 

While Cooking is done, only heat generation area being hot for some time. 

5- Can I accidentally leave an induction cooktop on and burn the house down? 

A ferrous pan heats up on an induction cooktop, which creates an electromagnetic field. 

The dishtowel will not catch fire—it can't ignite on the Induction Cooker, because it isn't 


It is recommended to never put an empty cookware or filled with Oil on an induction 

cooker that is already switched ON. 

6- Is it hard to clean an induction cooktop? 

It is no harder to clean an induction cooker. Process may be as followed by below 


• Turn off the Induction Cooker before you start cleaning. 

• Wait until the cooking area cools down completely. 

• You can clean the surface of induction cooker using a paper towel or microfibre cloth 

or dry cloth. 

7- How do I turn an Induction Cooker ON or OFF?You can turn ON the induction cooker by pressing a button on the control panel. The 

user manual that came with your cooktop will explain the details. Read the user manual 


8- Can I control the Induction cooker at multiple power levels? 

Yes, you can with the help of pre-set function on the control panel. Read the user 

manual carefully. 

9- What’s the difference between induction and convection? 

- Induction and convection are not related to each other. 

Induction happens on a cooktop, and convection takes place in an oven or air fryer. 

Induction cooker heat iron-based cooking pans using electromagnetism. Convection 

ovens use heating elements and a fan to circulate air. 

10- Is induction cooking more expensive? 

Induction cooking is more efficient than gas or traditional electric cooking, so you can 

save on energy. 

11- Can I cook on an induction range if the power goes out? 

No. You can’t use an Induction Cooker without electricity. 

12- Sometimes error code appears on display why it is happened? 

There are many of reasons with different Error Codes. Read the User Manual Carefully.