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  • Improved Finger Strength: Lifelong Hand grip strengthener is ideal for improving the strength of fingers.
  • Compact & Durable: Hand Grip Exerciser is compact and Durable. It is light weight and a perfect fit for your pocket.
  • Improved Hand Endurance: Hand and Fingers exerciser which develop hand endurance and coordination skills.
  • Rotation Adjustment: You can adjust the resistance by simply by rotating the knob.
  • Problems like hand fatigue can be resolved by producing some finger-relaxing movements, such as gripping and pinching, to improve blood circulation.
  • Perfect Exercise Device for strengthening the wrist, fingers and forearm muscles.




Questions Answers
what is the weight capacity?5-60kgs
What is the material?Spring is steel, rest every thing is ABS
What is the item weight?147g
What is the dimension?14.5*12*2.4cm
Is it in one pair or single?Single piece
What is the warranty?6 months, manufacturing defect
Is the product durable ?Yes
What is the exact use of the product?its is hand exercise equipment used  for forearm exercise, finger Exercise