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  • Improve posture - our flexguard posture brace works by training your muscles and spine to BACK to their natural alignment. The included posture booklet provides additional information and exercises
  • Reduce back pain - posture, left unchecked, can cause pain, lethargy, and even lead to nerve damage. Our back brace, coupled with physical therapy, aids in the treatment of back pain, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Importance of good posture - the importance of correct posture cannot be overstated. Always remembering to stand tall and straight, have shoulders back and down, with your chin tucked. Our brace will also assist your body's natural posture



  1. Does is help with body posture correction.                          

Yes, the posture corrector pulls back your shoulders to help re-train spinal alignment along with contributing to posture improvement with proper use over time.                    

  1. Does it help in pain relief?                           

FlexGuard Premium posture brace helps ease discomfort associated with alignment-related neck pain, slumped shoulders, and herniated discs.                         

  1. What is the size reference?                         

For Small/Medium: Waist size 61-76 cm / height 150- 165 cm      

Larger: Waist size 76-89 cm / height 165- 180 cm         X Larger: Waist size 86-101 cm / height 180- 190 cm