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  • Lifelong cloth drying stand is foldable to give you an easy storage and saves your more space.
  • Easy installation and fast drying of clothes and more space to hang your laundry.
  • Strong and durable metal body makes it Alluring and Functional.
  • Comes with marking on rods for easy assembly.
  • The drying rack comes with foldable wings which can be lowered or raised based on your preference.
  • It features non-slip teeth to hang your hangers safely.
  • This expandable cloth dryer is ideal for large clothes as well as those that doesn’t dry out completely due to lack of space.
  • 1 Year warranty


Manual: Attachment



1Is this made in China?NO,It is made in India 
2Its a full set or not ?Yes it’s a Full set
3Does it take weight of four jeans?Yes four more jeans this items is valuable
4What is the weight of the Butterfly Stand ?4.65 Kg
5 Is the item durable?Yes
6What is the warranty period of Butterfly Stand?1 Year
7How should we use warranty?Based on warranty card if you received it with the item and as per directions given in the W.Card.
8What is the Dimension of the Product?130cm x 70cm x 101cm (LxBxH)
9What is Butterfly Stand Material?Mild Steel & Havey Plastic
10 Is this item easy to use?Yes   
11How many wheel are consist in the Butterfly StandThere are 4 wheel are provide in the stand for easy movable from one place to another
12What is the use of velcro in the butterfly standIt provide the stability against the wind
13How many Double sided hooks are consist and what it's useThere are 12 hooks are provide which can use for hanging the small clothes like Shokes , Hanky etc.
14It is foldable ?Yes it foldable