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  • Value Pack - This bulk set of canvas boards for painting includes 12 panels for you to create on. Never run out of painting supplies for your works of art again!
  • Versatile - The perfect blank canvas board for artists of any age, from kids to adults. Use them for a school project, group party, craft time and more.
  • Quality Materials - Let your artistic side shine with these acid-free cotton canvas panels. Grown, woven, and primed in India, these individually wrapped painting canvases will surely support your next masterpiece
  • Gift Idea - Inspire creativity in your loved ones by gifting them this art canvas set. It makes an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays or special occasions.
  • All Purpose - This white painting canvas set is suitable for all different types of paints. Whether you're in the mood for oil, acrylic, tempera, or watercolor - these are the flat canvas boards for you!



1.Does this have a frame                                                           

No, Only Canvas panel provided.                                                            

2.How many in 1 pack                                                 

One Pack contains 12 panel.                                                     

3. Does 1 pack container different sizes                                               

No, 1 Pack contain 12 panels all the same size.