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  • Giving You a Little More: This laundry rack has 29 horizontal drying rods at multi-levels with 10 infinity hooks. In addition, the upper wings can be adjusted in height so that you can also hang long garments and to expose cloths to maximum sunlight.
  • Tried and Tested Foldable design: This laundry stand also features the time-tested folding mechanism so that you can store it in the corner of your washing cellar to save space when not in use. Moving it from indoor and outdoor is a very easy task.
  • Anti-Corrosion Steel Structure: Lifelong clothes drying rack is made of high-quality steel with powder coating to ensure 100% Corrosion Resistance and durable plastic, strong load bearing capacity and stability. For the Entire Washing Machine Load: A total drying area of 15.5m provides plenty of space for hanging clothes, sheets, towels and tablecloths.
  • Infinity Hooks: Lifelong cloth drying rack comes with additional 10 infinity hooks that can be used to lock small clothes like socks, handkerchiefs, small towels, etc and protect them from falling on the floor or against the wind on drying.
  • Wing Locks: Wing locking mechanism on both the wings to support open wing structure and provide stability to the stand when used for heavy clothes
  • Reliable & Safe: Lifelong Cloth Drying Rack comes with 1 Year Domestic Warranty against manufacturing defect.


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1Is this made in China?It is made in India 
2It's a full set or not ?Yes it’s a Full set
3Does it take weight of four jeans?Yes, it 4 adult jeans can eaisly be dried on it; Idealy it can bear load of 1 round of wash in washing machine
4What is the weight of the Butterfly Stand ?5 kg 540 g
5 Is the item durable?Yes
6What is the warranty period of Butterfly Stand?1 Year Warranty
7How should we use warranty?Product comes with 1 year warranty and it can be availed by contacting our customer support at 9711558877/9667499699 or email at
8What is the Dimension of the Product?The Dimension of the Product is ‎111.4 x 66 x 11.6 cm
9What is Butterfly Stand Material?Alloy Steel
10 Is this item easy to use?Yes, ideal Cloth drying rack for a family of 4-5 members