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  • This 2-way bib cock features a two-lever and a connector and embraces a modern design that is subtle yet glamourous.
  • Durable: Stainless steel with chrome finishes and anti-corrosion, adding style, quality and durability.
  • Easy to clean- cleaning the faucet is extremely easy, just wipe it with wet cotton cloth.
  • High performance: Tested for superior performance in low water pressure and poor water quality conditions as screen washer prevent clogging.
  • Supreme quality: Smooth water flow, stunning & shimmering. Easy to install, high quality, elegant design, long lasting product.




1Can this be used for health faucet ?yes sir it can be used for connecting health faucet
2Can we use this as a water mixer ?Sir this is 2 in one bib tap it is used for connecting health faucet in bathroom.
3This is Stainless steel ?Product is brass with chrome plating. Reasonably heavy.
4What is the actual weight of this product?Sir it is 630 g
5Can we add gyeser outlet in the lower joint so that we can manage hot and cold water?No
6Can I use its second valve for hand shower?Yes, you can use it.
7Has it two inlets and one outlet or one inlet & two outlets?1 inlet and 2 outlets.
8Does it support Lifelong health faucet?Yes
9How should we use warranty?Product comes with 7 years warranty and it can be availed by contacting our customer support at 9711558877/9667499699 or email at
10Secondary flow handle is right or left side?Its on the right side