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  • Effectively Relieves Wrist Pain And Discomfort. Its Soothing Rhythm Helps Relieve Tension, Stress And Fatigue In Your Hands. It Is Also Very Effective For Those Who Use Keyboard And Mouse Extensions. Improve blood circulation, improve hand strength, improve grip, increase flexibility, and passive contact with fingers
  • Completely Wireless! no battery needed! Charger Included in the package, Smooth & adjustable wrist attch pad, one size fits all
  • Operation layout intelligent chip, single-sided magic surface design, not easy to tear the skin, can be adjusted to adjust the scale design, the paste effect is firm, not easy to loose
  • The massager is structured through scientific and rational design and uses vibration and pressure to massage the wrist, joint, nerve, blood vessel, muscle and ligaments
  • All round wrapping massage to hand that will work on wrist,no wire operation,you can use it at will,it's equipped with a dedicated integrated control device that can be used at any time to add vibration and switching function modes, you can use it at will, and low noise, to provide you with quiet and Enjoy the massage experience


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