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  • Vibez Trans gives you the dual function of earphones and speakers
  • Easily switch between both the devices without any hassles
  • The devices features an ergonomic, easy to use design. Its Comfortable and Light weight design is ideal for someone who likes to travel light.
  • Trans comes with Bluetooth 5.1 and has and features 360-degree stereo sound.
  • The device is compact and extremely powerful, great for jam sessions, small parties or a relaxing evening. The in-built charging case makes sure you are always ready to top up.
  • With USB-C fast charging design, the charging case can be fully recharged within a short time.


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QuestionsVBTWS01(Vibez Trans)
Do these have a mic built in?Yes
Dont have FM radio?No
Can these be connected to a laptop?Yes
Bluetooth Connectivity Version5.1
Battery BackupBuds- 5hrs; Speaker- 2.5hrs
Charge TimeBuds- 60mins; Speaker- 120mins
Charging Porttype- c
Can I play songs to the speaker and the earplugs at the same time?Yes,
Bluetooth wireless earbuds and Bluetooth speakers have separate Bluetooth control modules.
You can use them separately at the same time.
 It would be better if you have two Bluetooth linked devices!
How many battery mAh is this?Buds- 30 mAh; Speaker- 800mAh
How many voice changing modes are there?NA
Noise Cancellation Available?Yes
Weight of the product?150g
Will it have 3 cables or only one Yes, 3 ear tips available
Is it wireless?Yes
Does it have surround audio?Yes
Warranty1 year
DriverBuds- 10mm; Speaker- 40mm