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  • SMOOTH ERGONOMICS - While our rubberised plates are built to be utilized with barbells, you can also use them solo for floor work like abdominal exercises. The rubber is easy on your hands and won’t create distracting, loud thumps if dropped
  • COMFORTABLE AND CONVENIENT - The Fitness World, proprietary comfort design will make your exercise routine simple. Each weight boasts specially designed, easy handle grips to make moving, loading, and storage smooth
  • HIGH-QUALITY - Each plate is derived from heavy-duty material with a solid, high-grade, low-bounce rubber cover surrounding the parameter. This helps alleviates damage to flooring, equipment, and injury to oneself
  • DURABLE: The rubber coating ensures a durable, reliable weight that will last through difficult workouts; weight size marked that help to easily identify different plates.
  • 3-HOLE GRIP: The 3-hole grip design allows for easy and safe handling while loading and unloading weights



Question: what is the plate Diameter?

Answer: 50mm diameter (hole).

Question: What is each plate’s weight?

Answer: Each Plate weight is 5kg so the total one pair weight is 10kg.

Question: Country of Origin?

Answer: Made in India.

Question: What is covered under warranty? And how to claim in case of problem?

Answer: Manufacturing defect is covered and you can call & email Lifelong customer care. (amazon care also if you need replacement)

Question: what is the material?

Answer: cast iron with a rubber coating and aluminum bush.