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  • Core-strengthening workout tool for ab roll-out exercises; used properly, the device can help strengthen abs, core, and more
  • Handles on either side of the smooth-rolling wheel offer a secure, ergonomic grip for enhanced results
  • Dual Double Wheels for Stronger Stability and Smoother Workout Will Give You Better Results
  • Durably constructed using polypropylene plastic (PP) and thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  • The portable exercise roller wheel works well at home, at the gym, or on the road when traveling.




1Is it Made in ChinaNo it is Made in India
2What is material used in this product.Tough plastic
3Will its rod attract rustNo it is spray coated
4How much weight can the product bearCan support upto 85 Kgs weight easily. Upto 120 Kgs can support, but the customer must take caution of not applying too much pressure.
5I am over 100 Kgs. Can I use it?Yes you can use it. But you must take caution of not applying too much pressure.