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Using Lifelong Smart Home App, you can monitor any leakages on your phone while you are away from home. There are no annoying wires, which makes monitoring even easier. You can also name each Wi-Fi water sensor according to their location on the App. When a leak occurs, the sensors will instantly send you a notification on your App. You can clearly know where the leakage happened and deal with it in time. WIFI Smart Water Leak Detector: This model uses Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz frequency range. Mainly for indoor use, outdoors may not function properly (depends on weather condition). Installation : Downloads Lifelong Smart Home App. Launch the app and tap the Plus ( + ) in the top right corner to add a Water sensor device. 2. Select Add manually, Security & Sensors, then Flood Detector (Wi-Fi) 3.Choose your Wi-Fi network and Enter the password. Then tap Next. 4. IMPORTANT !!! Press and hold the button on the water sensor until the light is SLOWLY blinking (2s/time). Tap the “EZ Mode” on the top right corner, change to “AP Mode”. Select “Confirm indicator slowly blink” at the bottom? Tap Next. 5. Tap Go to Connect. 6. Choose Smart Home-XXXX network in the WLAN setting. 7. It will show Adding device on the Smart Life App. 8.Now your Water Sensor is successfully added. Tap Done. 


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FAQ for-LLDS04
1Product NameWater Leak Detector
2TypeSensing Cable
3Coverage Area19.685 ft
4Notification TypeLED Indicator
5Mount TypeWall
6Operating Temperature10°C~+50°C
7Power SourceAC
8Power RequirementTwo AAA batteries
9Weight0.02 kg
10Warranty1 year
11Box Content1N Water Leak Detector, 1N Manual, 1N Warranty Card
12Does it works with google home? I have a smart switch which turn on the motor at 6pm and I want to turn off the motor automatically when water overflow Works with Lifelong Smart Home App