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FAQ for Comboo massager-LLCMB621
1Warranty of the product1 year
2is this can used for scalp massage?Yes, we also provie scalp head for better massage
3can we increase or decrease the speedYes, you can do that 
4How it works vibrate or rotate or both?Its works like tapping
5How much watt?25W
6What's the length of the wire connecting to the power source?1 mtr
7How many minutes can be useit has 15 mins auto shut off
8What is the weight of the product?280gms
9How many massage heads come along?4 massage heads
10Can we use it for face?we do not recommend it for face but can be used for legs , hands & back
11How does it work?It rotates.
12What is the material of the massager heads?Plastic
13Is it  helpfull for cervical people?It is helpful in relaxing muscles.
14Is ithis product electrical or battery powered?This product is electrical.
15Can we use it for head massage?We do not recommend for head massage but you can use it for the complete body for muscle relaxation
16Do we have to remove our clothes when we doing massage?Not necessary , you can use it wearing clothes as well
17How to change head?You can remove the current head first & then apply the new head in the front part of the massager
18What is the weight of the product?789g
19Can i use this machine after oil massage?You can use it with the attachment
20Can we use this with oil?yes but without mesh cover
21Does this product reduce body fat?No, it doesn’t help in reducing body fat.