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About this item: 

  • 1.Dry Iron
  • 2.Rounded Soleplate Plate
  • 3.Consumes 1100 W




1Wattage1100 W
2TypeDry Iron
3Is power plug includedYes
4Warranty2 Years
5Country of OriginIndia
6Cord Length1.5 m
7CoatingDu Pont Coated
8Weight0.5 kg
9Auto CutYes
10Temperature Control AvailableYes
11Cord Swivel180 degree
12What is battery charge time?1.5 hours
13What are the length setting/precision options using comb?1 mm to 10 mm at an interval of .5 mm
14What total length settings are available in trimmer?.5 mm without comb, 1-10 mm at interval of .5 mm. So total length settings - 21
15What is the precision without comb?.5 mm
16What is the material of blade?Stainless Steel
17What is the material of trimmer?Stainless steel blade and plastic body
18Warranty2 Years
19Does the trimmer has battery indicator?No, it has charging indicator; while charging light will be red, when fully charged light will turn green and while in use, again green light
20Is it water resistant?Only Trimmer Head is washable
21Does it need oiling? and how frequently?Yes, once in a month- it give longevity to your blade and maintains battery performance by reducing friction
22LLPCM058 hours charge time, 50 mins run time (with charging indicator)
23LLPCM138 hours charge time, 50 mins run time (with charging indicator)