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Sl NoQuestions (7 Kg  LLSWM07P ) Answers
1It has dryerYes
2What colors are available currentlyWhite
3Pls confirm the type of Plug 3 Pin 5 Amp
4Does this machine have buzzer ?Yes
5Does it have stainless steel tub or plastic tub ?Plastic Tub
6Does this machine have timer ?Yes
7Do the machine have wheels ?Yes
8Does it has dryer ?Yes
9Body is plastic or steel ?Plastic Body
10Does this machine have inlet pipe ?Yes
11It has heater for hot water ??No
12I do not have running water supply. Can I use this machine by manually filling with bucketsYes
13Is it good for 4 member familyYes
14Is there is a timer in itYes
15Electric consuming per year ?? How many star rating Star rating is not applicable yet.
16Everything seems fine except there is a sound from the knob, when it is working. Is it normal ?This is normal. Sound is of Timer
17It containes Separate motor for spin & wash ?Yes both the motors are different
18I do not have running water supply. Can I use this machine by manually filling with bucketsYes
19If it is not working what i doPls call customer care
20Can the machine be kept in bathroomYes
21Tub material ?Plastic
22does this have in build heating to water for effective cleaningNo
23Is this 5 Star ?No
24Dryer Capacity ?7.0 Kg machine has 4.5 Kg dryer
25Warranty on product2 Yrs
26How to repair machine in warranty periodCall customer care
27What is auto temperature cut? Can it warm water itself?Not applicable in semi automatic machine
28It is automatically machine ?This is semi automatic machine
29Who will provide the post sale services if there is any repair or service required? Whom to call??Pls call customer care
30it has need to trolly fro moving anywareNo. It has wheels to move around
31how to clean lint filterManually
32Do the machine have filter ?Yes. Normal Plastic Filter in 7 Kg
33Motor RPM ?1300 RPM
347.0 Kg machine has how many timers ?2 Nos (15 Mint Wash, 5 Min Spin)
35What is voltage & frequency230V, 50Hz
36What is weight of this machine7.0 Kg - 18 Kg
37Motor Capacity ?7.0 Kg - Wash 125W, Spin 45W
38How many wash programs are there ?7.0 Kg - 2 Nos
39can we use detergent powder?Yes
40Is the drain pipe included in purchaseYes
41cover for this product available???No
42Can i get exchange with mobileNo
43Do Stand available for this machine??No
44How to use it.... once putting used clotes should we change again or it will come out fully driedIts a semi automatic machine,so you will have to change the tub and put it the dryer.
45Does it have a collar scrubberNo
46Can it be connected to a normal socket or it requires a power plug socketNormal Socket
47Can we wash jeans pants?Yes
48Can we wash jeans blanketsDepends on the capacity of machine
49Pls confirm the dimension of MachineLLSWM07P  Net 740*445*900(mm) , Gross 835*500*1035(mm)