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  • With 4.5 L Food Basket capacity, this air-fryer serves the whole family. It makes your cooking effortless and is suitable for every occasion
  • Compared with traditional oven, it cooks faster and ends with crispier food surface.
  • Compared with deep fryer, it can extract excess fat from the food, getting delicious and healthier crispy food with little to no oil.
  • Prepare amazing meals from your cookbook, with adjustable temperature – 180 degree to 200 degree
  • With 1400W of power, this air fryer heats up in 2-3 minutes and cook's food faster than a conventional oven so you can save money at the same time as cutting down the calories


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FAQ for Air Fryer-LLHFD421
1Inner Basket Capacity3.2 L
2Outer Basket Capacity/Air Fryer Capacity4.2 L
3Wattage1500 W
4Manual or DigitalDigital
5Capacity is enough for how many people5+ People
6Can you remove all parts of the airfryer and clean themYes. But the heating coil should not be immersed in water
7Do you sell spare basket?No
8What are the accessories given with the product ?No Accessory
9Can the basket be taken out for washing?Yes. But the heating coil should not be immersed in water
10Can we make pizza in this ?Yes
11Warranty1 Year
12Do we need to place any paper on the tray before using?No. If needed, Just have to brush very little oil on the tray before use
13Cable Length100 cm
14Plastic used is Food-gradeYes
15Timer60 Minutes
16Maximum Temperature200 Degree
Which plug does it use. Heavy 15 or normal 5? 
 You can use 6Amps either 10Amps