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About this item: 

  • Smart All In One Universal Remote (IR Blaster) for TV, Air Conditioner, Speakers, Home Theater and DTH Set Up Box. It helps you to control all your appliances in one room using a single controller by mobile and voice commands
  • Works with Lifelong Smart Home App. Available on both iOS and Android.
  • It can control all your remote controlled devices like TV, AC, Set Top Box, Speaker, Air Coolers and more in a room. It has inbuilt remotes for Indian TV, Set-Top Boxes & Air Conditioners
  • Perfect companion for Amazon Alexa. It empowers you to Ask Alexa to switch on/off Home Theater, change channels on Set-Top Box, change temperature of AC & much more. Also works with Google Assistant / Home
  • Wifi configuration is compatible with 2.4 GHZ. Switching between Netflix, YouTube and other applications will not be possible


Manual: Attachment


Question: Entering channel number has response delay, any idea to overcome the same?

Answer: The device gives near to real time performance when internet speed is good. Please ensure stable internet connection. 


Question: None of the buttons I press seem to work, what could be the reason.

Answer: a) Please check if you have an active internet connection.

b) Please ensure that your IR Blaster is facing your equipment and is placed within the reception angle of the IR receiver of your equipment.  


Question:Does it require mobile phone with ir capabilities. what else is needed if i want to operate samsungtv as well as air conditioner? 

Answer:No, it does not require ir capability in phone. Smart IR is itself a IR emitter. You have to connect it to wifi and control from your phone.


Question:Does it work with tata sky and airteldth?*

Answer:It is having inbuilt Tata Sky remote and airteldth can be controlled by learning feature like any other IR devices.


Question:Does it change channel in tata sky?



Question:Does it support BlackTelectrotech remote????*

Answer:Yes, you can add any IR remote in DIY remote option


Question:Is the box charger is available or not?

Answer:We are providing USB cable which you can use to power the device from any 5V USB port including smartphone chargers. 


 Question:Is this made in China?

Answer: No. This is quality product Made in India.


Question:How much distance does it cover?

Answer:5-8meter line of sight, 360°


Question:Can this remote learn IR codes ofequipment’s from not so popular brands? 

Answer:Yes, it can learn. Steps as given below:
Step 1: To teach remote codes, select DIY

 Step2: Select device category

Step 3: Aim the remote control to IR blaster

Step4: Press “Next step”

Step5: Press the button on the remote control aiming it at the IR blaster

 Step6: “Detected signal” notification will pop-up when the code is learned successfully. Name the code with the button name and press OK.

Step6: To learn more buttons, press “Continue” and repeat same steps

Step7: All the learned buttons will be listed. Once finished press “Save”.

Step8: The new learned remote will be listed in the IR Blaster device list.


Question:Is the ir blaster omnidirectional? meaning, can i control an ac, tv and fan which are in different directions but in the same room?

Answer:Yes you can control it is omnidirectional


Question: Does it work withalexa or google home voice support for custom remotes ??



Question:Can I configure multiple AC with this device and how to name them?

Answer: Yes you can, but please remember to assign unique name for each equipment.


Question:What is warranty policy?*

Answer:1 year replacement


Question:Does it have inbuilt battery and will it support third party apps 

Answer:No inbuilt battery. Works only works with Lifelong app, alexa or googlehome .


Question:Does it work offline? I mean this device, WiFi router and mobile but no internet connection to router or mobile.

Answer:Cannot work offline.