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About this item: 

  • No wires and cables are required, you just need download the Lifelong Smart Home APP and then connect it to your doorbell, keeping your doorbell always, you can have access to 1080P HD live video at any time from your cellphone. The doorbell is both for android and iOS.
  • Communicate with visitors via two-way audio with noise cancellation microphone, It allows you to talk to your visitors wherever you are. And you can watch real-time videos on cell phone. The sensitive time is adjustable to start loop recording, and the expired video will be automatically deleted.
  • There is no need to lay out cables, just fix the doorbell backplane to the wall. Then hang the doorbell host on the backplane. The smart doorbell can be easily paired with your mobile by connecting Wi-Fi, compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Uses batteries. Batteries durability is about 3-6 months based on 10 times wake-up/day, 30 seconds/time.
  • Storage: Micro SD Card upto 32GB (not included); We can record the video and take the sceenshots, also we can playback the video and images in Photo album.
  • Easy to install :Double sided tape is available to fix the doorbell with tape; Screws and panels available for permanent installation.
  • Chime is available for ringing and maximum distance that can be far from bell is 20 meters.
  • 1 year Warranty


Manual: Attachment

FAQ:  Video Doorbell (LLVD01)

Question: What are the power supply options for video doorbell and chime unit

Answer: Video Doorbell is battery operated and comes with rechargeable batteries. The doorbell can be charged from any 5v USB charger. The chime unit operates from AC mains and can be plugged to any normal wall socket.


Question: Does the bell rings on mobile or analog and mobile both?

Answer: Yes analog and mobile both you will also get a video call notification on your smartphone 


Question :In how many devices i can login without any subscription charges?

Answer: We can create a home in Lifelong App and multiple users can access the device. No additional charges required for additional users. 


Question: Can it be installed without wall mounting plate?

Answer: Yes it can be installed using double sided adhesive tape available in Doorbell for temporary installation, we strongly advise to fix the base plate to the wall using screws for permanent fixing. 


Question: Does the doorbell work only with Wi-Fi? 

Answer: Yes Doorbell requires an active Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) connection for working or It also works on your mobile’s Hotspot(2.4GHz).In case if you don’t have Wi-Fi it will work as regular doorbell.


Question: Does it have a video display unit? Suppose I am at office?

Answer: There is no dedicated display you will get a notification on mobile as well as Video Call. The lifelong app can run using mobile data. 


Question: What happens to my old bell chime buzzer wiring connection inside my house. Can I use old chime or have to use a new one?

Answer: We advise you to remove your previous chime and install our advance wireless Video Doorbell and chime. You can choose 32 different chimes.

Question: Is the live video viewed only on a Mobile? 

Answer: Yes on Mobile screen.


Question: Can it work as a cctv? even if not one rings the bell can i still see who is outside my home and use this as a cctv                          camera??

Answer: Yes it can work like cctv. You can watch the Video streaming live, record on phone or micro sdcard (32GB max) or on Cloud storage.


Question: What if wifi router is shut? It will ring the bell ?

Answer: Yes. The analog chime will ring without Video facility.


Question: Is iPhone supported while video call?

Answer: Yes


Question: Will it work without electricity??

Answer: No, only out door unit can be run with bell function as it has in built speaker.

Question: Does it come with a warranty? If so, how long?

Answer: 1 Year Brand Warranty 

Question: Can this lifelong doorbell be powered via an adaptor instead of battering? 

Answer:  Charging can be powered by adapter, But normally it will work without wire