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About this item:

  • With 4 interchangeable heads, each targeting specific muscle groups, this massager vibration machine provides a deep muscle treatment for your entire body.
  • Flat Head: It is suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts, Ball Head: Suitable for massaging all muscle parts, such as palms, soles, Cylinder Head: It is applicable to impact deep tissues, such as meridian joints, U-Head: Apply to massage the neck and Achilles tendon of spine.
  • The Gun Massager comes with 4 Intensity levels.
  • The Lifelong Massager Gun comes with a powerful 2000 mAH Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery which can last up to 4 hours, with 2 hours of charging.
  • The Lifelong Gun Massager is a scientifically calibrated hand-held body massager that uses advanced percussion therapy to release pain, muscle stiffness and soreness.
  • No wires, a rubberized non-slip handle. The Charge comes with a formidable 8.4V, Motor which can generate up to 3200 strokes per minute.
  • 1 Year Brand Warranty
  • Call at +91-9711558877 or Email at customercare@lifelongindia.com



Manual: Attachment



How many speed settings?4 level 
How many massage heads are there?4 massage heads
Usage time4 hours 
How much time does it take to fully charge?1.5 hours 
Can we do pedicure?No, but you can use just for massage without any lotion.
Can we use for lower back pain?Yes 
Does it have an indicator if battery is running out?The Red light on the screen strats blinking when the battery is running out
Does this massage gun have intensity adjustables like +,- ?Yes it does have
What is amplitude of the percussion?It can generate 3200 strokes per minute. That means the Massage Gun touches and comes off the body at an astounding rate of 50 times per second
This product is for professional or personal use ?The product can be used for both purposes
Will you be able to use this while its charging?No, we suggest you to first full charge and than use.
What is the weight of the Massager?600g
Is there a manual showing what head is best suited for what use?Yes the manual states the various functions of each massage gun head
Does this machine give micro vibration along with hammer effect? Both, or only hammering?Both
Does it make noise?No, Lifelong Gun Massagers does not make Noise
Does it require, regular maintainanceNo
what are overall dimensions17x5x17cm
How much is product warranty?1 year
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