Order confirmed - your order is in the process of being packed and you would receive an update on tentative arrival in 24 hrs 

Shipped - your order has been picked up by our transport partner and should be scheduled for delivery soon

In transit - your order is on the way and should reach you soon 

Out for delivery - your order is on its way to you, please stay reachable on your phone as we would reach you if any difficulty faced in locating your address 

Undelivered - there was an attempt made by the delivery executive and unsuccessful, this may be due to bad/ incomplete address or the customer not being available on guidance to the right location 

If your delivery is missed do not worry, our transport partners are kind enough to attempt 3 times and try and get in touch with you before we return the order as unsuccessful to its destination of origin


 Delivered -  your order has been successfully delivered to the location mentioned by you on the invoice. 


 If you receive this message and still not received  your parcel, please do check with following-:

  House address - check with family member 

  Office/ Institute & IT Park - please do check with the security or the courier room 

Please be assured that lifelong has a strict delivery policy with the transporters with service level of 96% deliveries made on time           


 All attempts are being monitored and taken up very seriously with the transport partners, should there be an area of improvement please do let us know    

To know how to track your order: CLICK HERE

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