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About the item: 

  • Lifelong Cycle Tribe 20T is designed for the adults who like to ride in style. A hassle free, single speed bike ideal for the age group of 5-8 years with height of 5feet 4inches.
  • Design: Tribe cycle offers a fresh look with the stylish design. The high handlebar complete styling. | Tyre size: 20 inches
  • Quality: The robust frame, highest quality components and top-notch paint quality will ensure that the bike runs for many years. More than 50 quality test ensure highest standards of performance. The bike is shipped in 85% assembled state and requires assembly on delivery.
  • Additional features:  Handle Grip, Spoke guard, Pre-fitted Stand
  • Comfort: This cycle comes with both comfort and style. Features like a padded saddle, ergonomically designed high handlebar, soft rubber grips and lightweight frame ensure high degree of comfort.
  • Strength: With a high strength, lightweight steel frame, Lifelong cycle is designed to endure the hurdles. Steel wheel rims allow for greater impact resistance on rough roads.
  • Safety: Lifelong Cycles are Ergonomically designed that are easy to balance and handle. Caliper brakes with high quality brake pads provide additional safety.
  • Low Maintenance: High quality components ensure that the bike is very low maintenance.


Manual: Attachment


  • What kind of riding is this particular model suitable for?

It is suitable for city road and indoors

  • What all accessories would I need/should I buy/are recommended for purchase, with this bike?

There is no hard and fast rule for the kind of accessories that you need to use while riding, however, using some of them can be very useful as we don’t want any speed bumps in ways to your fun ride. Your safety, of course, is of foremost importance so we recommend wearing a helmet and gloves while riding. Equipping your bike with reflectors or light is also preferable if you often ride in the dark. For your adventurous ventures, we would recommend a seat cushion, mudguards and a bottle holder to keep you hydrated, if you are riding on rough terrains or in muddy areas regularly. Now, it is also important to care about the safety of your bike, and yes, we got you covered there. You can get bike locks to protect it from theft and use lubricants and tool kit to keep all parts in proper working condition.

  • Does the bike come with a warranty or include maintenance?

6 month warranty on the manufacturing defect

  • Is it a geared or non-geared bike?

This is a single speed (non-gear) bike.

  • Does this bike come with a reflector or flash-light?

It comes with reflectors

  • Does this bike come with a stand?

Yes. The bike would be accompanied by a stand in the package.

  • Does this bike come with a mudguard?


  • Does this bike come with side support?


  • Does this bike come with suspension?


  • Can suspensions be added to this bike?

No, complete fork has be changed by a cycle shop/professional

  • Does this bike come with a front carrier?


  • Does the bike have adjustable seat?

Yes it comes with quick release mechanism for easier height adjustment

  • What material is the bike tyre made of?


  • Is it a single or a double seater bike?

Single seated only for the rider

  • Do we get an assembly manual along with the bike?

Yes the customer gets the assembly manual along with cycle

  • Is this bike suitable for my age? (xx years)

It is suitable for 5 - 8 years

  • Is this bike suitable for my height?

It is suitable for rider having height more than 3 ft 6 inch 

  • Is this bike suitable for my weight? 

The Bike can hold weight up to 80 Kg


  •  Which company?

             The Company name is Lifelong Online, India Based


  • What is the height of this bicycle?

Height of bicycle is 3 ft 10 inch+

  • Can you please share the warranty details?  And is there a tool kit to assemble?

6 month warranty if you need you can extend for another 6 months, we are giving extended warranty cards yes we provide too kit to assemble


  • Can I make electric cycle using this for adults?

No, you cannot make electric cycle

  • Is seat adjustment possible?

            Yes, the seat is adjustable

  • How many tools you provide?

            We provide assembly tool kit to assemble the cycle  


  • Will you provide assembly for the cycle? 

            Kindly call us on our Customer care number: 9711558877/9667499699 or Email us at      customercare@lifelongindia.com with your contact number and requirement, we will assist you further! 

  • Is side stand available? 

           Yes, the side stand is available with the product

  • My daughter is 10+, can i buy this cycle? Also is the side stand available?

           Yes your daughter can run this cycle & Yes side stand available on this product   


  • Does this product has gear? 

             No, it does not have gear  

  • Is this suitable for 14 year boy? 

          No, this is not suitable for 14 year boy (please refer LLBC2601 Escape 26T Cycle)