Foot and Calf Massager:                                

1    Why aren’t we feeling the heat of the massager?                            

Ans: The heat in the massager has been kept mild only. The temp is within 45 degrees.                                


2    What is the standard foot size which can be fit into the massager easily?                            

 Ans: Foot size still 10 can fit in easily                                 


3    What is the basic difference between LLM99, LLM72and LLM81?                            

Ans: LLM99- is a foot and calf massager                                

        LLM81- is foot massager with heat & remote                                 

        LLM72- is foot massager with heat                                 


4    Is the black cloth covering washable or not?                            

 Ans: Yes, you can remove the cloth and wash it and attach it back.