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Installation URL: https://youtu.be/cRc_7Hs13kA 


About this item:

  • Warranty: 3 years warranty against frame, 1 year motor warranty and 1 year warranty on parts and manufacturing defects
  • It is equipped with a powerful 2HP (Continuous) efficient DC Motor, Easy Lubrication for easy maintenance
  • Maximum speed of 12km/hr for extensive workouts at home and comes with 8 rubber pads under deck for shock absorption
  • Manual incline upto 2 levels, near the running belt; Heart Rate sensor, bottle holder and convenient phone/tablet holder
  • Featuring anti-skid rubber surface with a high-density belt for maximum comfort & safety. The large 6-layer 1000*380mm running belt and gives lots of space to comfortably walk, run or sprint



Manual: Attachment



How much is motor warranty3 years warranty against frame, 1 year motor warranty and 1 year warranty on parts and manufacturing defects
What is belt size38x100cm
For how long should I use for running and walkingYou can use 2 hours every time
Do you provide any lubricant along with this productWe provide a 20ml silicon oil with treadmill
What is the maximum speed and minimum speed12 km/hr
What is the weight of the treadmill28kgs
How much weight can this treadmill take?100 kg
Is it having wheels for transportationThis treadmill also has wheels to make it easier to move.
Will you provide installation service?No,we only provide INSTALLATION ASSISTANCE
Is installation free chargeableYes
Can I track my heart rate, with this?Yes, you can. LLTM207 has inbuilt heart rate sensor
Can i play MP3 with Bluetooth connectivity?Yes, MP3speakers are available
What is the power of treadmill/ motor750 W
Do I need voltage Stabilizer required ?No need of voltage stabilizer
what are overall dimensions122*64*122 cms
Can I connect this treadmill Via mobile appNo
Is it foldable90 degree foldable
What are the dimensions after folding?128*64*35 cms
can extension chord be used if we do not have enough length to connect to the power source?Yes, you can add another power cable connect
Is it AC or DCthe motor is DC motor, but input is AC 220V
How much Horsepower?2 Horsepower
Does it make noise?No, Lifelong Treadmills does not make Noise
Does it require, regular maintenanceNo
Is it having inclination?No. But other models of Lifelong have Inclination
Can this machine handle sudden power down/voltage fluctuations?Treadmill has fuse at the side of power switch, and also have fuse on the controller board. if over 270V, The controller board will damaged
Can this be used for commercial purpose?These are designed to suit Home requirements & are not recommended for commercial purposes
Minimum speed ? Minimum Speed is 1~2km/hr  
How much unit of electricity it consume while 1 hour of running? This product run continue for 1hours so, its occurs electricity consume approx. 1.4 unit 
I am 103 kgs. Is it ok for just simple light walking / mild brisk walking? I don't need it for running?
 Yes, this will work for you for simple walking