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Product URL:https://www.amazon.in/Lifelong-SmartTrack-LLTM18-Ultra-Thin-Installation/dp/B07R8YJV1J


About this item:

  • Wheels to move around without hassle.
  • Plug in & Start Your Regime - Zero-Installation
  • This device has a  speed range of 1.0 to 6 km/h.
  • Adaptive speed Control
  • It's perfect for home and office use.



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How much is motor warranty3 years for warranty for Motor. Other parts have 1 year warranty
What is belt size41*121 cm
For how long should I use for running and walkingYou can use 2 hours every time
Do you provide any lubricant along with this productYes
What is the maximum speed and minimum speedmax speed is 6km
Which voltage stabilizer (capacity/spec) required220V
What is the weight of the treadmill30 Kg
How much weight can this treadmill take?90 kg
Is it having wheels for transportationYes
Will you provide installation service?Self-installation
Is installation free chargeablePrice varies from 800 to 1500 from location to location
Can I track my heart rate, with this?No. But other model of Lifelong is having this feature
Can i play MP3 with bluetooth connectivity?No. But other model of Lifelong is having this feature
What is the power of treadmill/ motorreal motor power is 0.6 HP
Do I need voltage Stabilizer required ?You may use of 220 V
what are overall dimensions147* 68.8* 109.4cm
Can I connect this treadmill Via mobile appNo
Is it foldableNo
What are the dimensions after folding?Not foldable
can extension chord be used if we do not have enough length to connect to the power source?No
Is it AC or DCDC
How much Horsepower?1.5 HP
Does it make noise?No, Lifelong Treadmills does not make Noise
Does it require, regular maintenanceNo
Is it having inclination?No
Can this machine handle sudden power down/voltage fluctuations?No
Can this be used for commercial purpose?These are designed to suit Home requirements & are not recommended for commercial purposes