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About this item:

  • Fully-automatic 5Kg Top load washing machine with digital display for best wash
  • Capacity: 5 kg, Suitable for bachelors/couples
  • Warranty: 2 Years Product, 2 Year on Motor
  • Package inclusions: 1 machine, 1 drain hose pipe, 1 Manual, 1 inlet hose pipe
  • 705 RPM: Higher the spin speed, faster the drying time
  • 29 hour delay start function and low water pressure technology
  • Enabled with Fuzzy logic that measures the wash load and automatically programs the wash cycle for optimum results
  • Special features: 8 wash programs, stainless steel curve drum, tub clean function, delay start function, auto balance detection, child lock, rust-free body
  • Service and Delivery available in 17,500 Pincodes ; For any issues and concerns please contact_us on/via: 9711558877 or email at customercare@lifelongindia.com (available Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM except national holidays)



Manual: Attachment



Is it suitable for 4 members?Yes, Cloth weight put in the machine should be as per the capacity of machine.
Capacity of the machine  (washing)We have 3 machines in Fully Automatic Top Load Category
7.2 Kg
6.2 Kg
 5.0 Kg
Capacity of the machine  (Spinning)7.2 Kg
6.2 Kg
 5.0 Kg
Is washing & spinning capacity same for all 3 machinesYes, In Top load Washing Machine , Washing Capacity = Spinning Capacity
Rated Voltage220-240V same for all 3 models
Rated Frequency50Hz same for all 3 models
Can it operate on 60Hz frequencyNo
Rated Washing input power7.2 Kg - 400W
6.2 Kg - 320W
 5.0 Kg  - 320W
Rated Spin input power7.2 Kg - 300W
6.2 Kg - 280W
 5.0 Kg  - 280W
Color of MachineWhite
Net Weight7.2 Kg - 24 Kg
6.2 Kg - 20 Kg
 5.0 Kg  - 18 Kg
Gross Weight7.2 Kg - 28 Kg
6.2 Kg - 23 Kg
 5.0 Kg  - 21 Kg
Net Size of Machine (mm)  W x D x H7.2 Kg - 520 x 540 x 885 mm
6.2 Kg - 490 x 510 x 840 mm
 5.0 Kg  - 440 x 455 x 790 mm
Package size of  machine (mm)  W x D x H7.2 Kg - 575 x 580 x 935 mm
6.2 Kg - 535 x 550 x 885 mm
 5.0 Kg  - 500 x 505 x 845 mm
What is the Volume(L) of inner tub7.2 Kg - 40L
6.2 Kg - 39L
 5.0 Kg  - 26L
Can spin speed be variedNo
What's the temperature selection optionThere is no temperature selection option
What's the display type in machineLED Digital Display
Noise Level of Machine<60dB
How many programs are there7.2 Kg - 12
6.2 Kg - 08
 5.0 Kg  - 08
Time delay function is there7.2 Kg - Yes
6.2 Kg - Yes
 5.0 Kg  - Yes
Tub clean option is there7.2 Kg - Yes
6.2 Kg - Yes
 5.0 Kg  - Yes
What about child lock7.2 Kg - Yes
6.2 Kg - Yes
 5.0 Kg  - Yes
Whats the time delay option available ?7.2 Kg - 2-24 Hrs
6.2 Kg - 2-24 Hrs
 5.0 Kg  - 2-24 Hrs
Legs are adjustable7.2 Kg - Yes
6.2 Kg - Yes
 5.0 Kg  - Yes
Where do i approach if it doesn't performs well before warranty periodContact service center
Can it be used for dry cleaning of expensive clothes?No. Dry cleaning is done with a special spirit based liquid. This washing machine uses water.
Does this machine have a digital display for time remainingYes
Is the drum made up of stainless steel?Yes
Can larger length fabrics like fleece blankets, comforters be washed in this machine?Depends on weight of cloth. 
Can it take washing powder Automatically that we provided in machine?Washing Powder has to be put directly in tub bafter putting the cloth
Does it really need a stand?No. It works good without a stand.
Does this washing machine has Inverter??No
Is the motor winded with copper or aluminum coil?Aluminum
Is it possible to control the spin time?No
What material is the body? Plastic or metal?Plastic, but it is rugged - would stay for years.
Do you recommend any detergent or special detergent?No
Does it takes water automatically ?Yes depending upon program selected
Is this inventor technology?No
Stand is recommended or Not.No
Shall we use salt waterNo
Does it need a stabilizerNo it doesn't need a stabilizer. Needs care if there is high fluctuating voltage. If the voltage is too volatile. You may have to.
Is it works on inverter alsoNo
How many hours it will take for full load washing?7.2 Kg - 45 Min
6.2 Kg - 40 Min
 5.0 Kg  - 35 Min
What is the r.p.m. of this washing machine?7.2 Kg - 700 rpm
6.2 Kg - 700 rpm
 5.0 Kg  - 700 rpm
The door material is plastic or glass?Plastic, but it is rugged - would stay for years.
Does this have steam wash ?No
Does it start when power comes back here it stopped or from the beginning?Yes, It starts from where it left and not from beginning.
Is it Inverter model?No
Do we need to purchase anything extra other than washing machine? Like inlet or outlet pipe?Pipe will come with machine ,water filter is your choice .If water quality is good ,then we don't need water filter .
Is it okay to leave the machine on and sleep away in night?Yes
Machine ColourWhite Only
Does it have a ratmesh?7.2 Kg - Yes
6.2 Kg - No
 5.0 Kg  - No
Is this with wheels ?No. Its with adjustable legs
can we fill the water manually?, i don't have tap connectionNot recommended
Wen machine is runing suddenly current goes off and it comes back so wen current is back again wil the machine start from the first or will it resume?It will resume it's operation.
What colors are available currentlyWhite
Does this machine have inlet pipe ?Yes
If it is not working what i doPls call customer care
Can the machine be kept in bathroomYes
Is this 5 Star ?No
How to repair machine in warranty periodCall customer care
It is automatically machine ?Yes
Is the drain pipe included in purchaseYes
Cover for this product available???No
Do Stand available for this machine??No
Does it have a collar scrubberNo
Can the dryer kill the bed bugs ??No
is it work on low water pressure?Yes this machine works on low water pressure
Can i add water by me and rove water by meNo manual water filling
While using the machine getting light sound when the water comes from the tap, is that normal??Yes
Does it have magic dispenser?No
Does it have bleach dispenser?No
Does it have softener dispenser?No
Is this water heater avilable?No
Does this model has a jet spray technology?No
Does this machine has air drying function7.2 Kg - Yes
6.2 Kg - No
 5.0 Kg  - No
Top lid is plastic or glassPlastic, but it is rugged - would stay for years.
What if the product breaks down in between the warranty period? How to avail the warranty?Contact service centre
Is warranty card included in the package?Yes in the service manual
If power cut during washing, is it allowing to open the top door for removing clothes?Yes
Can i use it directly pouring water without tapNo
Is this compatible with hard water?But filter need to be cleaned regularly
Does it have program function in case power goes off , program memory ?Yes
Water control is automaticYes
Errors code is showingPls refer below table