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About this item:

  • Charging : This beard trimmer takes 40 minute for one trim of 15 minutes. Full charge time is 2 hours
  • Long Usage Time: Upto 45 minutes of cordless usage with 2 hours of charging
  • Comb Adjustment: Adjustable trimming range with two combs for 0.5- 10mm and 10.5 to 20 mm
  • Self-sharpening blades. Operating Voltage- 220 - 240 volts
  • 1 year brand warranty from date of purchase
  • Includes : USB cord (removable), Cleaning Brush ,Cutting Guide
  • Blades might become a little hot after continuous use for 20 minutes. This is expected, so do not worry



Manual: Attachment


What is battery charge time?

 Full charge time is 2 hours 

What is battery run time?

Upto 45 minutes of cordless usage with 2 hours of charging 

What is in the box?

USB cord (removable), Cleaning Brush ,Cutting Guide 

What are the length setting/precision options using comb?

1 mm til 10 mm at an interval of .5 mm

What total length settings are available in trimmer?

.5 mm without comb, 1-10 mm at interval of .5 mm. So total length settings - 21

What is the precision without comb?

.5 mm

What is the material of blade?

Stainless Steel

What is the material of trimmer?

Stainless steel blade and plastic body

Does the trimmer has battery indicator?

No, it has charging indicator; while charging light will be red, when fully charged light will turn green and while in use, again green light

What is the IPX rating for the product?


What is the warranty on the product?

2 years with additional 6 months after registration

For questions related to dimensions and weight please refer to sticker on box 

Are there any other color options available?


Is adaptor for charging available?

No, you have to purchase separately

Can i purchase extra head/blade/comb separately?


Is it water resistant?

Only Trimmer Head is washable

Can it work while charging?/cord cordless use ?


Does it need oiling? and how frequently?

Yes, once in a month- it give longevity to your blade and maintains battery performance by reducing friction

Where to put oil?

Refer manual, on tip of blade

Can we use it to cut hair other than beard?

Yes you can but it may not work to your utmost satisfaction. Hence, we strongly advice to use it only for trimming beard.

What is the meaning of cord and cordless

Any device that works without a wire attached to it is called "cordless".

What is the Country of origin?


What is the length of cord?

*will get back

Do I get extra blade after years of use

We only provide replacements if product is under warranty