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About this item:

  • Eyebrow Trimmer: Without comb: 0.2 mm, with comb 2 mm and 4 mm (Runtime: 60 minutes)
  • Bikini head: length without comb 0.3 mm, with comb 0.5 mm (runtime: 60 minutes)
  • Shaver Head (Face / Fingers): Length: 0.1mm (Runtime: 45 minutes)
  • Rechargeable trimmer with improved battery life (full charge time: 8 hours)
  • 1 year brand warranty from date of purchase. Get an additional 6 months warranty by registering the brand website. Customer Service Details: Call: +919711558877; Email: customercare@lifelongindia.com



Manual: Attachment


  • Can it be used for eyebrows? No one written about shaping the eyebrows

The eyebrow trimmer cap/comb can be used to trim long hair. Without the cap/comb, you can use it to trim corners and make the eyebrow slimmer. For better precision, use our other eyebrow precision product LLPCW32.



  • How to change from facial trimmer to bikini trimmer? The instructions do not specify and are vague?

To change heads, you just need to twist and remove the head. For fixing new head, again place the desired trimmer head on top of motor, twist till it sets itself and one more twist to lock it. Please get in touch with our customer care in case you still have queries.


  • Can I use mobile charger to charge this?

USB cable is available with products you need adaptor extra


  • How to clear the unwanted hairs and shape the eyebrow?

It's a good but blade cut the skin

  • Can it be used with simple battery either chargeable or non-chargeable?



  • How to know it is fully charged does the red colour light change its colour?


  • Can it be used for removing hand and leg hair?


  • Can you shave a beard?


  • Can we use on underarms



  • Can we use for trimming legs hair



  • Does it have in built led light?


  • Can it be used on upper lip?

Yes, the round head can be used to trim the hair on upper lips.


  • It is used for man’s private part also?


  • Can i use it for nose hair



  • How to charge it i mean any charger provided with USB cable?



  • Can it used for Wet shaving and with shaving cream?!



  • How it charge

USB Cable


  • Do I get replacement heads for lifelong shaver if the blades become blunt?



  • Bikini shaver?



  • How to apply for warranty



  • Tell its charging option



  • Does this will make facial hair grow thicker or more...because usually razor do



  • Can I use this facial hair

Yes, it's is good and easy to use


  • Is this made in China?

Yes, it is


  • Can this remove eyebrow extra hairs and how??



  • Is it waterproof?



  • Does it need electricity

Once charged, it will last up to 1 hour depending on the usage


  • How long does it take to recharge

I usually charge it for around 2 hrs. It doesn’t have an indicator to confirm that it’s fully charged. Only a charging indicator.


  • Is the product coming with a charging adapter? Or just USB cable?

Only cable.


  • Is it make sound?!


  • How to use eyebrow trimmer? 



  • Can it be used wet?



  • How can we know it is fully charged?



  • Is it refundable if product is faulty or not satisfied after delivery?


  • How long hairs get to regrow?

In a week or before


  • Are batteries required for this? If yes, then which type of battery?



  • Is it long lasting? Like at least for 1/1.5year?

Very good product


  • Can it be used while it is charging?


  • How can we know when it get fully charged?


  • It’s getting heated up after few minutes of use. What to do?

            Kindly call us on our Customer care number: 9711558877 or
               Email us at customercare@lifelongindia.com with your contact number and requirement, we       will assist you further.  !


  • Is the hair regrowth high or low?

Not sure depends on individual growth.


  • Since it is not returnable, what shall I do if I get a defective product?

I am not sure of it but I guess you can contact Lifelong Company on their website.


  • Can it be for removing unwanted hair on legs and hands?



  • How can I avail warranty in case it's found defective after few months use?

There is warrant card in which mentioned mail id for more information. You can connect with them


  • Is this rechargeable

Absolutely, this is awesome and my wife loves it


  • What is the shelf life of those blades? Is it possible to change them?



  • How to trim the hair after charging? Is there any on-off switch?




  • This trimmer shave bikini hair or only trimmed hair...?




  • Can it be used to trim upper lip and chin?



  • USB charging cable comes with trimmer or we have to purchase separately?



  • Why it not return or exchange?

Yes, this is both returnable and exchangeable


  • Is this good for upper lip?



  • How to switch it on?

First charge for at least 8 hrs. Then turn bottom part to right side which makes it switch on.


  • Can we use for trimming nose hair?



  • How to apply for Warranty?

Kindly call us on our Customer care number: 9711558877 or
 Email us at customercare@lifelongindia.com with your contact number and requirement, we will assist you further!

  • Will we get a clean shave if we use it without attachment?

             Yes you can use it without attachments, because in this trimmer have both the options 

  • By mistake, I charged it for 2 hours and now machine stop working. What to do? 

            Yes its possible Kindly call us on our Customer care number: 9711558877/9667499699 or Email us at                 customercare@lifelongindia.com with your contact number and requirement, we will assist you further.  !